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Glossary of Technical Terms Used On This Site


A consultant is considered an expert in his/her discipline.  All of our consultants hold Microsoft Certifications within their specific discipline before we extend an offer of employment to them.  Consultants are expected to advise you of best practices and be able to present the various technical options verbally and in writing.  Consultants may also provide cost-benefit analyses as part of the discussion.

Factor-based Estimating

Each project requirement is reviewed by our technical architects and rated for complexity and business priority.  Each task may require one or more factors to be implemented.  These factors contain an hourly equivalent.  Leveraging weighted factors for complexity, estimates are calculated.  Further weighting can be added for the individual implementing the task.  For example, a Sr. Developer is expected to implement tasks faster than a Jr. Developer.  Certain tasks require individual estimates due to their highly complex nature.

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing includes technology based marketing efforts such as online advertising, e-mail campaigns, website design, social media campaigns and other related activities designed to generate interest in a product or service. 


An impediment is something that prevents a team member from implementing his/her own task.

Instructor-Led Training

Live instructors lead the training effort and respond to student questions.

Staff Augmentation

This is something that we generally don't do.  There are several firms that exist that can assist you with recruiting and placement of temporary staff for your organization.